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Curtin University
Transnational Teaching and Learning

Case Studies Overview

Case studies were made of the applications of the Quality Principles in Australian university transnational education programmes across a range of models of programme delivery. Application was effected through Action Learning projects, developed and carried out by 'onshore' and 'offshore' academics engaged in programme delivery.

Across cases, in summary

The professional development workshop was well received and effective in facilitating team Action Learning plans to implement the Quality Principles.
Participant response to the Quality Principles was very positive.
The Action Learning project promoted sustainable, productive, collegial associations of academics within and between institutions.
Application of Quality Principles to practice was achieved.

The case study research lead to recommendations that

  1. the Quality Principles be made available to all Australian universities;
  2. Australian university staff development programmes include a component on teaching and learning in transnational higher education; and
  3. the professional development workshop materials be made available to all Australian university staff development directors and coordinators.